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Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 DVD


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  • Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 DVD Special Features

    Actors: EG Marshall,Robert Reed
    Boxed Set: Yes ? ?
    Number of discs: 2
    Condition: New ? ?
    Region: Region Free ? ?
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    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL ? ?
    Rated: NR (Not Rated) ? ?
    DVD Release Date: 2019

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    Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 DVD Overview

    Months ago, the Hand acquired the ancient weapon Black Sky the body of Natchios and used the last of their resources to resurrect her. Under Alexandra's tutelage,Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 DVD the Black Sky was prepared to fight as a weapon against the Hand's enemies. Now, Jones dismisses Murdock's help, but he becomes interested in her case and begins investigating it himself. Cage tells his girlfriend Claire Temple about his fight with Rand, whom she knows. Temple organizes a meeting between the two, hoping they can work together to fight the Hand, but they clash over their respective backgrounds. Inspired by some of Cage's comments, Rand decides to take a different approach and uses his corporate influence to find the Hand's new front,Marvel's The Defenders Season 1?Midland Circle. Cage visits the mother of one of the local kids the Hand had hired, while Jones investigates Raymond's job. They also learn of a connection to Midland Circle. Cage arrives there to help Rand fight the Hand, soon followed by Jones and Murdock. They are attacked by the Black Sky, but Rand drives her off.