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The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD


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  • Product Information of?The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD

    Actors: Shohreh Aghdashloo,Cas Anvar
    Boxed Set: Yes ? ?
    Number of discs: 9
    Condition: New ? ?
    Region: Region Free ? ?
    Weight: 1?kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL ? ?
    Rated: NR (Not Rated) ? ?
    DVD Release Date: 2017

    The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD

    Summary of?The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD

    After the battle at Ganymede, Bobbie is rescued by the MCRN and asked to report the events, which her superiors don't believe. On Earth, Avasarala demands a peace summit between Earth and Mars to prevent further escalation of the tension,The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD in which both planets believed the other fired first on Ganymede. Over three thousand people were killed in the Ganymede Incident, and the massive damage to the colony destroyed the agricultural domes that the Belt depends on - leading to a starvation and refugee crisis. On Tycho Station, Anderson Dawes is asked to represent the Belt in negotiations for peace with Earth and Mars but Dawes convinces the Belters that Earth and Mars will never respect the Belt. Bobbie is told to go to Earth to the peace summit and to tell Earth that Mars fired first accidentally,The Expanse Seasons 1-3?despite Bobbie remembering the presence of an alien figure the UN marines were fleeing from. On Tycho, Dawes becomes aware of Cortazar's presence and knowledge and Cortazar is later found missing from his cell, leading Alex and Naomi to chase after an escaping ship, only to find Diogo aboard and Dawes and Cortazar gone.